Domain Protection

Why Domain Protection
Brands, companies and other businesses all use the web to create global presence, attract customers and drive sales. Domains are part of your brand identity and are valuable assets. Domain protection is crucial to prevent brand abuse.

Domain Abuse
Infringing domains are domains that include trademarked words or phrases in their domain name or cause confusion that amounts to trademark infringement.

This happens when a third party registers a domain name that violates the rights of a trademark owner. Domain hijacking happens when the abuser gains access to a domain name without the consent of the domain owner. This takes many forms such as illegally transferring the domain, or registering a variation of a main domain (such as .com, .net, .org) to divert customers to the abuser’s landing page.​

‘Cybersquatting’ is when someone registers or uses a domain name with the intent of profiting from the rightful owner’s trademark, especially when buying domain names that use the names of existing businesses in order to sell the names for a profit. In this case the domain name will usually not take you to a functioning site. In other cases, it may take you to a site that includes mainly advertisements for products or services related to your trademark.

Domain Protection

Wiser Domain Protection
Combining our proprietary algorithm and professional team gives our clients the protection they need. Our domain protection service helps our clients eliminate trademark infringements, brand dilution, and unfair competition and protect the bottom line.

Wiser Market Monitoring System effectively scans online channels and identifies infringing domains. Our team of online experts analyzes and categorizes these domains, before proceeding to eliminating infringing domains and protecting your brand.

Wiser Market has the technology and expertise to protect your domains, as well as the strategic understanding to offer a proactive solution, tailor-made to your brand’s needs.


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