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The dynamic space of online platforms offers amazing reach and new opportunities. However, it also imposes threats by many offenders across multiple channels. The fact that these threats are not within the control of the abused organization doesn’t make them less real or harmful. It also doesn’t mean that you should not be proactive about fighting them.

Whether you want to fight counterfeiting, eliminate fraudulent use of your brand online, protect your domain name or enforce your intellectual property rights, we offer a premium turnkey online brand protection solution – from detection to takedown. The Wiser Market Solution is especially tailored to your priorities and needs. Advanced technology and dedicated professionals work to rapidly detect online abuse, analyze and prioritize it globally, and rapidly apply effective enforcement measures and removal strategies to protect your brand. Do it the Wiser way!

In the digital world, online brand protection is not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have!

As online markets grow, online threats do not only become more widespread but also more sophisticated. Although many brands are still unaware of the scope and reach of online brand abuse, it may adversely affect their revenue online as well as offline. It may also dilute the brand’s reputation and damage its credibility, further diminishing the brand’s value.

Even brands that are aware of the risks associated with the digital world, may be unaware of the magnitude of the problem. Other brands may simply give up or devote precious time and considerable funds to try and combat the problem, just to see it getting worse. The reality is that trying to fight alone drains time, funds, and resources.

The solution: choose Wiser Market to be your online brand protection partner, for a superb solution that is efficient, cost-effective, and quick.



Brand abuse refers to a third party exploiting a brand’s intellectual property (IP). Some of the most common forms of this malicious activity are:

(1) Counterfeiting
Counterfeiting involves the manufacturing or distribution of goods that use the trademark, logo, design or patent of someone else without their permission, often with the intention to deceive customers.
Fake goods are generally of lower quality, as the goal is to sell a cheaper version with no regard to brand reputation.

(2) Trademark squatting
This involves registering another party’s marks in bad faith, usually in countries where the original marks owners or real trademark owners didn’t yet register their marks or where there are issues of transliteration, as happens with Chinese trademarks.

(3) Copyright infringement
Copyright infringement, also called piracy, refers to the unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or display of works protected by copyright intellectual property law. Copyright protects literary, musical or artistic works. For example, it allows to prohibit copying of photographs that belong to the authentic brand owner.

(4) Patent Infringement
Patent infringement usually involves the use or sale of patented invention without permission from the patent holder in the territory.

(5) Infringing websites and social media accounts
Websites and social media accounts that are created with the purpose of infringing the IP rights of a legitimate brand or otherwise use it with bad faith are a form of brand abuse.
Most common are:
Cybersquatting – Registering, trafficking in, or using an internet domain name with bad faith. It usually refers to buying domain names that use the names of existing brands or copyrighted work and offering them for sale to the person or company who owns the trademark contained within the name at an inflated price.
Typosquatting – This is actually a form of cybersquatting that targets users who enter an incorrect website name or a brand name into a web browser, diverting traffic to a website different then the one they intended to reach. This is also called URL hijacking.
Imitation sites and social media accounts – These are websites that imitate the website of an authentic brand with the intention to deceive unsuspecting customers, or social media accounts imitating existing brands or people for illicit profits.

(6) Gray Market Selling
Although not illegal, the traffic and sale of authentic goods through unauthorized channels may amount to brand abuse. Gray marketing, also called parallel import, can be the result of authentic goods being unavailable, but it can also be the result of other circumstances, such as price differences between territories, countries or distributors.


What can Wiser Market brand protection agency do for you?


Intellectual Property Protection

Protect your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from being infringed. Whether it’s your patent, trademark, logo, copyrights or URLs, it is essential to protect them. The everchanging world of IP infringements uses a variety of methods, some of them described above.

IP Infringements damage more than just your company’s revenues, it devaluates the hard-earned reputation of the brand, and damages consumer trust worldwide. Wiser Market uses state-of-the-art technology to scan, detect and analyze potential IP infringements worldwide. The results are then analyzed by Wiser Market’s expert analysts team, and sent for your approval before moving on to enforcing your IP rights.

Wiser Market offers an effective shield to protect your IP from online offenders, and help you regain control over what’s yours.


A successful brand that does not implement a smart anti-counterfeiting strategy makes it financially worthwhile to have its products counterfeited. This fact has enabled the world’s counterfeiting industry to become bigger than many legitimate industries. Counterfeit goods are so prevalent that they affect every industry: fashion, pharmaceuticals, sports, luxury goods, consumer goods, toys, electronics, inventions and more. Such lucrative trade results in more sophisticated sellers, making it even more important for brands to have an anti-counterfeiting strategy and the technology to support it online.

By utilizing smart anti-counterfeiting tools and techniques, you can combat existing fakes, eliminate them and protect your brand. We can also make it unprofitable for potential counterfeiters to continue or even start counterfeiting your company’s products.

Parallel Import

Parallel import is the import of original goods into a market where the product is already marketed, without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Since these goods are non-counterfeits, they are often referred to as “gray market products”. Gray market sellers may be unauthorized sellers, but may also be authorized sellers selling out of territory or in non-compliance with the brand’s pricing policy. Such sellers can sell the branded goods at a discount, thus introducing unfair competition.
These activities reduce sales for your brand, reduce margins, and damage authorized agents and distributors. In spite of the fact that parallel import is legal, it is not impossible to remove listings belonging to parallel import sellers off the market. Many brand owners wrongly assume  that it is not possible to fight this, therefore wavering on a significant share of their potential revenues. We have the ability to follow the online sellers’ supply chain, and trace the channels they purchase from. Making unauthorized sellers work a lot harder to sell their goods can be interpreted into increased revenue stream for our clients.

Anti Piracy

With the right online business alliance, you can protect your copyrighted material even in this fast-moving ever-changing world of digital transactions. Make sure that you are the main beneficiary of your creations.

The Wiser Method

Our effective online brand protection strategy defends your brand’s revenue and reputation. We search and monitor globally, to analyze and identify major brand infringements, and effectively enforce, eliminate, and deter. 


Our innovative technology continuously
scans online channels for any mention of your brand, detecting each and every relevant reference automatically.


Our algorithm filters online references to your IP, to identify infringements.
Our Team analyzes all listings, and categorizes them.


Our skilled team of experts implements professional, broad industry expertise to ensure each infringement is removed quickly and efficiently.


Protect your brand online, where your products or services are bought, where your reputation is built

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are e-commerce sites where multiple providers, retailers or wholesalers offer products or services.
Defend your brand by searching for counterfeits where consumers are most likely to see them.


Brand infringements occur on legitimate websites, as well as on fake websites that claim to be the original brand but are fraudulent. Domain trademark infringement is another form of brand abuse that we can monitor and eliminate.

Social Media

Dynamic social media platforms are where many brand infringements occur. We offer brand enforcement to fight revenue-damaging threats, such as brand impersonation and scams on social media platforms.

Paid Search

This refers to online advertisements within listings of a search engine or a website, used for marketing purposes. However, imposters may use paid search to divert traffic to their sites, where they often sell counterfeit or competing products. We find and remove unauthorized ads on PPC channels, protecting your brand IP rights.

App Stores

Mobile apps are becoming more important for both customers and businesses. We track mobile app platforms and offer you protection where you need it.

Here’s what we do to protect you online, so you can focus on growing your business
  • Monitor all online channels (marketplaces, websites, social media, mobile apps, paid search and more)
  • Detect brand abuse such as infringing domains and content, resellers or counterfeited goods – quickly and comprehensively.
  • Analyze cases of abuse, prioritize and devise a goal-driven strategy.
  • Take action to enforce your intellectual property rights online and defend your brand, therefore protecting revenues, profits and reputation. Working directly with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, DHgate, Alibaba and many more.
  • Deliver results, stopping brand abuse.
  • Deter and help prevent future brand abuse through continuous monitoring and data analysis, so you are sure to always stay ahead.
Our customized brand protection strategy is your competitive advantage
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