Wiser Market offers proactive online brand protection services worldwide. Whether you wish to fight counterfeiting, protect your domain name, prevent trademark, copyright and brand infringements or combat gray market selling and knockoffs, Wiser Market is your partner in countering online threats and protecting your brand’s revenue, profitability, reputation, customer service and brand trust.

We defend your brand so you can grow your business


As online presence across multiple channels is rapidly becoming more crucial and complicated, organizations of all industries and sizes must gain protection and control over their brand and products online, across the globe.

Wiser Market is a full-service company offering a 360° solution for your online opportunities and e-commerce needs. Combining state-of-the-art technology, advanced tools, actionable data, expert analysis, extensive experience and vision, our e-commerce experts provide customized services that optimize our clients’ online presence across all channels.

Become a Wiser Brand online
The Wiser Method

Our effective online brand protection strategy defends your brand’s revenue and reputation. We search and monitor globally, to analyze and identify major brand infringements, and effectively enforce, eliminate, and deter.


Our innovative system continuously scans online channels for any mention of your brand, detecting each and every relevant reference automatically.


Our algorithm filters online references to your IP, to identify infringements. Our Team analyzes all listings and categorizes them.


Our skilled team of experts implements professional, broad industry expertise to ensure each infringement is removed quickly and efficiently.


Our comprehensive smart solution uses technology and expertise for unrivaled brand protection online. We provide 24/7 global online monitoring and detection, coupled with the most professional analysis, and removal of counterfeits, knockoffs, and gray market goods, as well as trademark, domain name, logo, copyright, and design patent infringements. We also monitor pricing, and detect when your products are sold outside your price range.

At Wiser Market, we put our clients first. We always strive to build a relationship with our clients so we can best meet their needs. And since we know your time is valuable, our professionals do the work, and provide you with a periodic customized report for your approval.

Anna Di Meglio Instant Pot Marketing Manager

Wiser Market successfully protects our brand online by taking down fake accessories and illegal listings of our successful pressure cookers. This is a very important service for our brand with their global reach. Through our work with Wiser Market we can focus on growing our business, while they provide us with intellectual property protection, and secure our online revenues.

Levi Goldman HairMax Corporate Counsel

Wiser Market has been highly effective in combating unauthorized listings worldwide. With Wiser Market we have greater visibility into our online channels, enabling us to identify the sources of unauthorized sellers and mitigate the risk. Their team’s work has been pivotal in helping us protect our global brand, further build consumer confidence and support our ‘partner’ network worldwide. Thank you Wiser Market!”