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Why Use Amazon Brand Registry?

Why Use Amazon Brand Registry?

If you are selling products on Amazon, there is a chance that you have encountered illicit or fraudulent activity aimed at abusing your brand for someone else’s benefit. Such activity may include:​

  • Sales of counterfeit goods
  • Trademark abuse
  • Design and patent abuse
  • Copyright abuse

If you have yet to encounter such activity, chances are you will encounter it in the future.

Many Amazon sellers have reported detecting knock-offs on the marketplace after they reached a certain level of exposure, for example after being selected to Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

This is not a surprise as counterfeiters and other fraudulent sellers who are looking to make a profit off of someone else’s hard labor, will wait for a brand to reach an ‘interesting sales volume’ before copying it or free-riding on its trademark to sell competing products. Often these products will turn out to be of lower quality, allowing an even larger profit margin for counterfeiters as they are cheaper to make.

Counterfeit products not only cut down on legitimate sales for brand owners, they damage their brand’s reputation when disappointed customers receive inferior products.


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Why Use Amazon Brand Registry?


Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon has set out to help brand owners fight this alarming trend by re-launching its Amazon Brand Registry service in May 2017 (dubbed Brand Registry 2.0) with new and improved tools for protecting brands on Amazon.
With this new service, brand owners can register their trademarks and brands with Amazon and enjoy benefits such as:​

  • Control over product listings offering IP infringing products.
  • Enable reports to Amazon on any IP abusing activity associated with their brand.
  • Receive priority over other IP complaints on Amazon.
  • Enable complaint escalations and appeals.
  • Enable logo, and text brands protection.
  • Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) – allowing sellers to modify a product description field of their branded ASINs with enhanced images and text.
  • Remove listings by sellers shipping products from countries that do not manufacture or distribute registered brands.

Amazon Brand Registry requirements

Registering your brand on Amazon involves the following stages:​

1) Trademark Registration – you will need to register your brand with an official government agency from the country in which you are looking to register your Amazon brand; this is as important as Amazon will only accept trademarks registered with government trademark offices in: the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the EU.

2) Sign in to Amazon Brand Registry – if you are a Vendor or Seller on Amazon, use your Vendor or Seller username and password to sign in; these will enable you to access Brand Registry features and benefits that are linked to Vendor and Seller services. If you do not have an Amazon Seller of Vendor account, you can create one for free.

3) Enroll your brand(s) – To enroll a brand, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your brand name that has an active registered trademark.
  • The associated government-registered trademark number.
  • A list of product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in which your brand should be listed.
  • A list of countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.

Wiser Market Online Brand Protection

Wiser Amazon brand protection

Protecting your brand can be time consuming and expensive.

Wiser Market offers a complete suite for brand owners on Amazon, from registering your brand on Amazon Brand Registry to providing 24/7/365 monitoring and protection from sellers abusing your IP rights.

Our service is automatic and provided End-to-End: we detect, analyze and enforce your IP rights, taking down IP infringing products and blocking unauthorized sellers from selling on your listings.

We will work with Amazon on your behalf, representing you as your online brand protection agency to ensure that your brand is protected, and allow you to focus on growing your Amazon sales.


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