Online Protection for Tools & Work Equipment Brands

In every workplace and industry there are different types of equipment used to carry out tasks. The tools and work equipment industry reaches consumers and businesses across multiple sectors, and has been growing steadily year-on-year.

Tools, machinery and work equipment such as hand-held tools, power tools, construction machinery, protective equipment and countless other products are not just a part of our physical reality, they are also present in the virtual world.

The internet has provided almost unlimited opportunities for tools and work equipment brands to grow their business while reaching out to customers around the world, however it has also provided a thriving environment for counterfeiters to distribute cheap, low-quality knock-offs.

Fake tools are sold online on daily basis, often by wholesalers who buy and go on to resell them on auction sites and online marketplaces. In addition, genuine products purchased through illegal channels re-enter the supply chain without authorization or control, causing brand owners and manufacturers to lose control over their MAP pricing policies and assigned sales territories.

Fake Makita Drill Un-box and Tested

Counterfeit tools are sold online on a daily basis. Unsuspecting consumers falsely led by online fraudsters are often stuck with low-quality and unsafe products , the use of which can pose serious health and injury risks.

Global Power Tools Market: 2014-2023

Projected growth for the Global Power Tools market revenue reflects 5.2% CAGR

The Wiser Market Solution

Wiser Market will globally combat counterfeiting activity to protect your brand.

Our protection strategy is based on our advanced monitoring system and our team of in-house experts. We provide a proactive and effective way to enforce your intellectual property rights, gain control of your brand’s reputation, and make counterfeiting too costly for those looking to make easy profit off your hard labor.

We are driven by results and a relentless approach towards online fraud.


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What Customers Say About Us

Anna Di Meglio Instant Pot Marketing Manager

Wiser Market successfully protects our brand online by taking down fake accessories and illegal listings of our successful pressure cookers. This is a very important service for our brand with their global reach. Through our work with Wiser Market we can focus on growing our business, while they provide us with intellectual property protection, and secure our online revenues.

Levi Goldman HairMax Corporate Counsel

Wiser Market has been highly effective in combating  unauthorized  listings worldwide. With Wiser Market we have greater visibility into our online channels, enabling us to identify the sources of unauthorized sellers and mitigate the risk.  Their team’s work has been pivotal in helping us protect our global brand, further build consumer confidence and support our ‘partner’ network worldwide.  Thank you Wiser Market!”