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The Benefits of Having a Facebook Shop

The Benefits of Having a Facebook Shop

No matter how many online platforms you are currently selling your products or services on, using Facebook commerce, or F-commerce, is usually beneficial and should be a part of your e-commerce business strategy.

Selling on Facebook takes advantage of the fact that so many users spend a lot of their time on Facebook. This means you sell where your customers hang out.

What is a Facebook Shop?

A Facebook Shop or Facebook Store is a Facebook business page feature, where customers can view and purchase products directly. It allows your potential customers to browse, share, and buy your products on Facebook.


The Benefits of Having a Facebook Shop


Benefits of having a Facebook Shop

Facebook is a virtual space where people hang out. Just like on a city street, they look around, and when you’re there, they have the opportunity to view your displayed products.

The enormous number of active users on Facebook means that having a Facebook shop lets you reach more people and drive new sales. Facebook users have mutual friends, groups they follow, shared posts and more, boosting the visibility of your products. The customers, on their end, engage with the products and can communicate with you directly by sending messages through the page. This interaction is a great tool for building relationships with your customers, and it’s both easier and more likely to happen on social media.

As a platform, Facebook makes it easy to target users and share content which you can learn to use for your business.

In your Facebook shop you can list as many products as you want, and always add more. You may also organize your product inventory into categories to make it easier for customers to browse.

Moreover, to set up a Facebook shop you don’t need to already have an online store on another platform. You can sell on Facebook only, or sell on as many selling platforms as you wish. Generally, it’s recommended to use an e-commerce store builder (such as Shopify) to create an online store, then link it to your Facebook Shop page automatically. This will give you more e-commerce functions and presence.

Customers can then buy the products on your Facebook shop, and you can manage orders from your Facebook page.

You can also track sales and access insights which provide information about how long the customers interacted with your shop, their age, gender, and other demographics to help you with analysis of your page’s performance.

Creating a successful Facebook Shop

There are different ways to make your Facebook shop a success.

The first way is to promote it through advertising. Advertising should grow your Facebook audience, drive traffic to your Facebook shop, and increase your conversions from the shop.

Another way is to offer discounts through your online shop to the customers landing on your shop through your Facebook page. You can always have a flash sale, share a discount code on your Facebook page and generally give your Facebook community exciting news and discounts.

To keep selling, it’s important to create strong content, so be informative but also creative and engaging. To frequently post about your products, you can update their descriptions, always making them detailed yet compelling, upload new images, or come up with new ways to showcase them. Images and video are often key to drawing attention and interest, and engaging your customers.

Facebook is a great platform for creating a community. You can add other content such as posts, email newsletters and more.

If you keep people engaged, they may want to “like”, “share” and “comment” on your products. Sellers who allow users to interact in that way widen their reach and the visibility of their products. The same is true for reviews and testimonials, as people find it easier to trust products that customers recommend.

Wiser Facebook brand protection

Sellers are always looking for new ways to diversify their sales channels. Selling on Facebook has many benefits to small businesses and big brands alike, and adding a Facebook shop to your online marketing efforts is a wise idea.

Whether you sell on Facebook or not, you should be aware of potential counterfeiting or other IP infringing activity that may be damaging your brand’s reputation and hurting your online sales.

As a brand protection agency, Wiser Market has many years of experience in the e-commerce world. We offer automatic online brand protection services, protecting your brand from any IP infringing products and sellers on Facebook and other digital channels.


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