What Our Customers Are Saying

Lexington International - HairMax

“Before we started working with Wiser Market, our HairMax® products were sold by numerous unauthorized sellers on many e-commerce platforms worldwide, causing significant impact to our authorized wholesalers, distributors and resellers, as well as consumer and brand confusion.
Wiser Market has been highly effective in combating the unauthorized listings. With Wiser Market we have greater visibility into our online channels, enabling us to identify the sources of unauthorized sellers and mitigate the risk. Their team’s work has been pivotal in helping us protect our global brand, further build consumer confidence and support our ‘partner’ network worldwide. Thank you Wiser Market!”

Mr. Levi Goldman, Corporate Counsel

Instant Brands – Instant Pot

“Wiser Market successfully protects our brand online by taking down fake accessories and illegal listings of our successful pressure cookers. This is a very important service for our brand with their global reach. Through our work with Wiser Market we can focus on growing our business, while they provide us with intellectual property protection, and secure our online revenues”

Ms. Anna Di Meglio, Marketing Manager

Pollogen by Lumenis

“Wiser Market is protecting our leading successful brands for home and professional use. As our products became more and more popular, we have faced many counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers, jeopardizing our brand name, reputation and sales growth.

Wiser Market does exceptional work protecting our brand globally, and especially in the Chinese market. They are successfully removing counterfeit products, as well as unauthorized sellers who are infringing our IP rights.

Although illegal sellers have become increasingly sophisticated, Wiser Market keeps removing them from online platforms with great success. The Wiser Market team provides us with excellent, professional customer service. They are very responsive to our requests and changing needs.

Thanks to Wiser Market we can grow our business, knowing our brand is protected”

Ms. Michele Michaeli, VP of Marketing

Micro Jig - Smarter Woodworking Tools

“The Wiser Market team is very professional, responsive, and reliable… They have been effective at their work and have taken down over 4,500 brand damaging listings… It’s an on-going battle and we’re glad to have Wiser Market as a partner who demonstrates the care for our brand and the determination to not let pirates hurt the customer experience. We have faith in their abilities to protect our brand in marketplaces around the world.

Mr. Bruce Wang, CEO

Home Skinovations – Silk’n

“Thanks to the Wiser Market service, our counterfeit listings have been reduced dramatically, especially at Chinese websites (Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHgate)”

Mr. Yoram Sade, VP Marketing


The Keter Group is a manufacturer and marketer of resin-based household and garden consumer products, with worldwide sales across various channels, and hundreds of IP assets (trademarks, designs, patents) registered in various countries.

Wiser Market has been very useful with protecting our IPRs online for both our indoor and outdoor brands. Their end-to-end service is efficient and cost-effective. They have been able to detect IP infringing products in various digital channels, as well as take them down swiftly. Their team is very responsive, providing us with the service that we need to keep our brand and IPRs safeguarded online.

Mr. Nir Palistrant, General Counsel


Following complaints from distributers who noticed counterfeit Afimilk products sold online, we engaged Wiser Market’s service to deal with this problem. Wiser Market detected counterfeits as well as trademark abusing products in marketplaces and socials media networks, and successfully removed them. Their overall removal rate exceeded 95%, which is impressive and cost-effective. Thanks to Wiser Market we managed to significantly reduce IP infringing activity and improve distributers’ satisfaction. We recommend using Wiser Market’s online brand protection services.

Mr. Shmulik Hadad, CFO


OTOTO is a highly creative design studio producing functional household items with a witty and unexpected twist. Many of them are inspired by fairy tales or myths, as exemplified by the Nessie collection.

The studio’s unique products are distributed internationally to over 30 different countries and can be found in museums, art galleries, and design expos, as well as in home design stores in your area.

Unfortunately we found that many counterfeits and imitations hit global markets, eating away at our sales and badly affecting our brand’s reputation. When the problem grew, we approached Wiser Market to help us eliminate fakes and help us ensure that we are the only ones capitalizing on our unique designs.

Wiser Market did an exceptional job: quickly detecting many counterfeit products and focusing their activity at areas of interest to us. They were able to clean leading marketplaces from fake products, allowing us to grow our sales and ensuring that our customers receive authentic OTOTO products.

We recommend using Wiser Market’s online brand protection service.

Mr. Dani Gassner, Founder

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