eCommerce Experience Leading to Unique Technology

Wiser Market specializes in Online Brand Protection.​

20 years’ experience in eCommerce has led our team to apply its expertise to the development of a unique and highly advanced monitoring system, designed to detect online counterfeiting activity and IP rights abuse.​

Wiser Market’s Monitoring System is a powerful tool in the fight against online fraud: protecting organizations worldwide from online counterfeiting activity, piracy, trademark and copyright abuse, parallel import and malicious domains.

Full Online Coverage – Monitoring and Enforcement

Wiser Market’s monitoring system is capable of rapid processing on a large scale; it is specifically designed to scan, detect and analyze large volumes of online data, and is used 24/7 to provide full online coverage, specifically at:​

  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Private Websites
  • Social Networks
  • Video Sharing Networks
  • App Stores​

Advanced Anti-Counterfeit Technology

The system deploys advanced algorithms and crawlers that can detect IP infringements globally, and analyze them efficiently and accurately to identify threats. Once detected and analyzed, the system can enforce various take-down actions against online product listings, online sellers, websites, posts, ads, videos and applications.​

With added layers of machine learning and large volume of indexed data we can statistically predict online exposure to fraudulent activity, prioritizing high risk targets to maximize results.​

Tech Driven Business Intelligence​

In addition to protecting brands, the continuous scan of eCommerce platforms allows us to provide our customers with valuable business intelligence, for example we can detect authorized distributors selling original, branded products out of territory and or below MAP.

With Wiser Market’s monitoring service, companies operating distribution chains can ensure that their pricing and marketing policies are maintained by distributors at all times, gaining better control over their sales activity and operations.

Superior Technology Used by a Team of Experts

The combination of advanced technology and our team of experts delivers the ideal result: quick, efficient and immediate take-down actions against those abusing your brand.


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