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Steps to Intellectual Property Protection

Steps to Intellectual Property Protection

Online intellectual property abuse is a big problem that is growing worse.

Whether you’re a start-up company or a multinational brand, taking steps to protect your intellectual property against unauthorized trademark usage, counterfeit products, domain name abuse, and more should be a priority for your business.

You can protect your trade name, content, products, inventions, innovations, and ideas by following a few essential steps.

Keep business secrets a secret

Be sure to keep business ideas and information a secret until you have taken the necessary measures to secure your intellectual property. If you do decide to trust your ideas with potential partners or any other third party, don’t do it publicly and have them sign a non-disclosure agreement.



Register trademarks and other IP rights

Apply for registration of your name, symbol, or logo as a trademark, in the locations where you manufacture and sell your products, including online sales. If some of the brand’s products have unique, identifiable names, it may be worth registering each one of them as a separate trademark.

When applicable, it’s also important to register copyrights, patents, and generally all your IP (intellectual property) assets.

Registered IP rights give you the exclusive right to use them, such as using a logo on your products as well as in your advertising and marketing content.

Also, registered rights allow companies to seek legal protection. They are also helpful when approaching online platforms, such as marketplaces, with requests for IP registration and takedown of listings infringing on your intellectual property.

Register with online platforms

It’s advised to register your brand names and trademarks with marketplaces, as well as with social media sites. This is best done early on, to help you prevent others from using your IP, such as your brand name, thereby damaging your revenue and reputation.

Purchase domain names

Domains are part of your global presence, and are valuable assets. When you purchase domain names that include your intellectual property, you can act against infringing domains, such as domains that use trademarked words or phrases which cause confusion. Also, this enables you to fight domain hijacking and cybersquatting.

Detect online brand activity

Every brand and business with an online presence should detect brand activity taking place in websites, marketplaces, and social media.

Wiser Market offers an innovative brand protection strategy that includes 24/7 worldwide brand monitoring. Our monitoring system will scan online channels to identify sites that contain counterfeit products, names, logos, and unauthorized images matching yours and infringing on your intellectual property. The results are then analyzed by our team of experts that will work closely with you.


Enforce your IP rights

Once you have been notified of unauthorized brand activity, you should be prepared to take steps to actively enforce your rights.

Wiser Market is an online brand protection agency. We believe that being vigilant about intellectual property protection means continuous monitoring of online channels and activity detection, followed by proactive enforcement to deter abusers and protect your brand and reputation.

Using our innovative technology we monitor multiple digital channels 24/7/365. When our monitoring system detects potential intellectual property infringements or counterfeit goods, we analyze them and proceeds to take down any IP infringing products to provide full IP protection.

This is a much more effective way to fight online brand abuse than filing a lawsuit. It is definitely more effective than doing damage control after facing loss of revenue and brand reputation.

With Wiser Market, your brand will have a comprehensive and automatic intellectual property protection solution, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


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