Online Piracy: The Problem
Online piracy, the illicit reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials, has long been a massive problem for content industries. Such piracy takes different forms, such as video piracy involving illegal streaming and sharing of video content; premium text piracy which includes the illegal use of e-books, digital magazines and other protected texts; and software piracy which refers to unlicensed use of software.

Illegal downloading of copyrighted material has been an issue for a long time. However, as technology changes and cloud-based services are becoming more popular, consumers do not feel the same need to own content. This is not to say that content is less valuable. On the contrary, premium content is in great demand.

As a result, online piracy is ever evolving and continually becomes more sophisticated. Technology drives new piracy methods, making methods such as peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and streaming services easy to access by those who want to illegally enjoy free content. This results in significant revenue losses for businesses in the software, gaming, texts, music, TV and film industries.

Anti Piracy: IP Rights
Copyrights protect original work, such as music and literature.  Registering copyrights in key markets can significantly enhance the protection afforded by copyright. This makes any anti-piracy action aimed at removing illicit content and listings much more effective.

Anti Piracy: The Wiser Solution
Wiser Market’s anti-piracy strategy includes piracy monitoring, detection of threats and actions to remove illegal content, and protect your content and its value across all major channels.

We monitor P2P networks, websites, mobile apps, social media and other web-channels, to detect unauthorized content and products. Wiser Market’s advanced technology can monitor large volumes of IP infringing content, products and sellers and analyze them in order to determine if the content is original or illegal. After establishing illegal use, we enforce your IP rights to stop those who profit from the theft of copyrighted and registered materials. We will work with content providing websites and platforms to take down illegal content. 

Our superb end-to-end service, from detection through analyzing to enforcing takedown actions, results in over 90% success rate in eliminating IP infringing content and protecting your IP rights.

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