Why and How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

This is a digital world, and businesses need to have a strong digital presence.

Having a Facebook business page is part of this strategy. Your Facebook page should be attractive so it keeps your audience engaged to a point where they start following your business and engaging with it.

However, there is also a proliferation of fake websites that hurt your business, and Facebook users who increasingly want to be sure they are reading authentic content from a real brand or business. Facebook verification is an easy way to prove that you are the real deal, and earn the trust of consumers.

Benefits of a Facebook Verified Page

Facebook verification grants your Facebook page a badge (check mark) that lets the viewers know this is truly your page. This builds trust with your audience, and affects the way they view and share your page.

In addition, a verified page ranks higher in Facebook searches, which may improve your reach and viewers’ engagement. As a business, you will also get more views as consumers will prefer your page over unofficial pages, duplicate pages, unverified competition, and anyone who might be trying to use your brand name maliciously.



How Can You Know if a Facebook Page is Verified

A page that has been verified by Facebook carries a special badge (check mark), either blue or gray, confirming the page is authentic. This verification badge can be requested but not purchased.



The blue badge means that Facebook confirmed that this page or profile is an authentic page for a global brand or a public figure.








The gray badge means that Facebook confirmed that this page is an authentic page for this local or small business.









The Blue badge is a verification of authenticity for eligible brands only, based on a variety of factors. It is not easy to earn a blue verification badge, and it requires evidence as requested by Facebook.

Receiving a Gray badge for a Facebook business page is much easier, and the process is quite simple. With a gray badge, your page will be listed under the “local business” or “organization” category on Facebook.

Requesting a verification badge

There are requirements that your page or profile must comply with so you can request a badge, and a request form to file with clear instructions on what you need to do to receive your badge.

The blue badge is helpful to have, but as it is much more difficult to get, brands should know that it is not the only way to let your audience know that your page is authentic. Linking your Facebook page to your official website, for example, can also indicate that.

Verification and Brand Protection

At Wiser Market we recommend using all available tools to protect your intellectual property rights.

If your page is eligible for verification, it is worth doing. There are benefits to having the badge next to your brand. Also, the process is not very time consuming; it is a one-time effort, easy enough to do by yourself, and it is free.

A verified page is an easy way to boost your brand’s credibility, consumers’ confidence, to protect your IP rights and take control of your brand on Facebook.

After you are verified, it is easier for our online brand protection agency to monitor Facebook for duplicate, unauthorized and malicious pages, and remove them.

Wiser Brand Protection

Wiser Market specializes in online brand protection. We monitor multiple online channels, including social media outlets such as Facebook’s, analyzing and removing IP infringing products and posts, quickly and efficiently.


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