Brand Enforcement: How to Protect Your Brand

The Problem

Online shopping has become extremely common nowadays. Almost all brands, big and small, have established their businesses online or are in the process of doing so.

Unfortunately, successful as these online brands are, they often fall victim to fake online brands that counterfeit their products and sell them at lower prices. It is estimated that 25% of all e-commerce transactions are counterfeit products.

This can harm legitimate businesses in two ways:

1- In search of a deal, customers end up purchasing the counterfeit products rather than the original ones. This can divert buyers from the original brand to the fake one, resulting in lost sales for the real brand.

2- Counterfeit products also severely damage brand reputation and value. Brand dilution is caused by illegitimate use of any of the brand’s distinguishing features by others, resulting in confusion and jeopardizing the brand’s trustworthiness.

A fake brand is able to sell the copied products at more attractive prices due to different factors, one of which often being the lower quality of manufacturing materials. Of course, brand abusers don’t aim at building a strong and positive reputation; they are merely trying to get as many buyers as possible and cash in on the original brand’s hard-earned reputation.

As a result, buyers who were expecting high quality products, are being scammed by the fake brand and sent cheap, poor quality products instead. This either leads them to believe that the original brand offers products of poor quality or it damages their trust in their ability to buy this brand’s genuine products. This is the reason why brand dilution goes hand in hand with the brand’s loss of exclusivity.

All in all, this may cause considerable damage to the real brand’s sales and reputation. Which is precisely why online brand protection is so important nowadays.



The Solution
Step 1
Before all else, registering the brand’s name as a trademark is a must. Without it, other actions will be rendered futile. Not just the logo, but even more importantly – the word itself. Infringers will often focus on the word or a distortion thereof.
In case some of the brand’s products have unique, identifiable names, consider registering each one of those names as a separate trademark as well.
It is also important to register patents, and especially design patents.​

Step 2
Protect your brand online. Brand protection services help brands fight trademark infringements, cybersquatting, copyright infringements, SEO frauds and more.
With the right technology and expertise, there is no need for expensive attorneys to help you fight against each individual infringer, and the results are much faster.

Wiser Market offers online intellectual property protection.
Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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