Online Protection for Pharmaceutical Brands

Perhaps more than in any other industry, pharmaceutical products must not be counterfeited.

As pharmaceutical products affect our health and wellness, we must ensure that they are manufactured following extensive research, development and quality control of the highest standards possible.

In recent years, different reports have demonstrated the growing volume and impact of falsified drugs on worldwide health. These include pills, vaccines and diagnostic kits, all highly regulated products that require R&D, investment and innovation. Studies have also demonstrated that some fake drugs are of dangerously poor quality. This should not come as a surprise as these products are manufactured with no quality control, by anonymous manufacturers who are not held accountable and are looking to make fast profits, regardless of the harm they may cause.

Counterfeit drugs of low quality may lead to health risks and even death, and their growing existence should not be ignored. This is especially true as eCommerce marketplaces and the online environment as a whole enable traffickers to sell fake drugs on a large scale, directly to patients, with no regulation. It is unfortunately very easy to launch a website aimed at deceiving consumers with falsified studies, photographs, ghost addresses, and false testimonials and reviews.

Making and selling counterfeit drugs

BBC Three reporter meets the people manufacturing and selling counterfeit Xanax pills, which hit the headlines recently with over 200 deaths in the UK since 2015 attributed to fake copies of the drug (Published on Feb 26, 2019)

The impact of fake drugs

The Wiser Market Solution

Wiser Market offers an effective way to combat the online sales of fake drugs and unauthorized sellers.

Our advanced monitoring system is already protecting brands big and small, and can be set immediately to monitor your brand. It is backed by a team of anti-counterfeit experts with a relentless approach towards online fraud, we are ready to protect your intellectual property rights and brand reputation.

Our system also monitors pricing, and detects when your products are sold outside of territory or your price range. Wiser Market provides full online coverage and superb end-to-end service, leading to over 90% success rate.

We protect your brand so you can focus on developing valuable medicine, vaccination and treatments, important for helping people around the world.


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What Customers Say About Us

Anna Di Meglio Instant Pot Marketing Manager

Wiser Market successfully protects our brand online by taking down fake accessories and illegal listings of our successful pressure cookers. This is a very important service for our brand with their global reach. Through our work with Wiser Market we can focus on growing our business, while they provide us with intellectual property protection, and secure our online revenues.

Levi Goldman HairMax Corporate Counsel

Wiser Market has been highly effective in combating  unauthorized  listings worldwide. With Wiser Market we have greater visibility into our online channels, enabling us to identify the sources of unauthorized sellers and mitigate the risk.  Their team’s work has been pivotal in helping us protect our global brand, further build consumer confidence and support our ‘partner’ network worldwide.  Thank you Wiser Market!”