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Online Trademark Monitoring – Protect and Grow Your Brand

Online Trademark Monitoring – Protect and Grow Your Brand

Article Summary

  • Trademark monitoring is crucial to safeguard brand identity and prevent infringement.
  • Wiser Market offers professional trademark protection services for online brands.
  • Constant monitoring detects unauthorized use and counterfeit products.
  • Prompt enforcement actions protect revenue and brand reputation.
  • Effective trademark monitoring reduces counterfeit goods and prevents trademark dilution.

Trademarks are valuable assets that identify your brand and give you a competitive edge. However, these intangible assets are vulnerable, particularly online.


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Trademark monitoring and proactive enforcement are essential.
Let Wiser Market protect your trademark so you can grow your business.


Building a Brand

Businesses spend so much time and effort developing their identity and creating a brand that distinguishes them from others.

A well-thought logo can become the symbol of a business, along with a tagline that becomes an identifier.

Yet, it’s not the entirety of a brand identity that also includes things like design, brand voice, and other features.

But Why is Brand Identity Important?

  1. Brand identity symbols like your logo are the “face” of your business.
  2. Develop customer trust
  3. Grow your customer base
  4. Improve your marketing
  5. Grow sales

After you develop the various features of your brand, it’s time to register your trademark(s) and keep the branding, marketing and sales efforts.
Thanks to everything you put into the brand, you have an asset worth protecting.


Trademark Monitoring

The goal of trademark monitoring is to stop unauthorized sellers from using your intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights.

In other words, to stop them from exploiting your brand for their purposes.

The process includes monitoring databases, such as the USPTO, to ensure others are not filing trademarks that are similar to yours, as well as online channels and look for any use of your trademark that is illegitimate and any abuse of your name, logos, texts, design, packaging, and more.


Digital Trademark Infringements

Proactive detection calls for constant scans of online channels rather than waiting for the problem to grow so big that others start to report it or you see it in your bottom line.

When this happens, counterfeit products branded as your genuine goods are already in the hands of customers.

The right way to protect your brand is to constantly monitor for trademark violations. This way, when someone tries to profit from your trademark, you are ready to take them down.

Once trademark infringements are detected online, brands should immediately move to enforce them.

Being proactive about your trademarks not only deters others from infringing on your rights, but it can also prevent loss of sales and damage to your brand reputation and loyalty.


Trademark Monitoring Services

Monitoring services, such as the Wiser Market brand protection services, protect your brand online with the strategy, technology, and professional team that together make trademark monitoring easy, effective, and scalable.

The digital world is so big and vast that there are too many places to search manually.

In addition, language barriers make it more difficult for individuals to search for counterfeit goods and intellectual property abuse, whereas the advanced software – backed by a team of experts – is designed to do exactly that.

The software continuously scans online channels for infringements.

The algorithm can track various platforms across the globe 24/7/365 – more effective, efficient, and cost-effective than otherwise possible.

When something is detected, it alerts the trademark monitoring service team.

Once analyzed and authorized, it moves to enforce your intellectual property rights and remove the infringements.

For example, protecting your brand by taking control of your Amazon listing(s) is increasingly crucial for any brand.

Let’s say a third-party seller uses your trademark on an Amazon listing. This unauthorized use of your trademark should be reported and removed. In case a third-party seller offers counterfeits, he should be removed.


Brand Enforcement: How to Protect Your Brand


What are the Benefits of Trademark Monitoring?

Here are some of the benefits of trademark monitoring:
1. Take action to protect your trademark from infringements.
2. Prevent trademark dilution.
3. Reduce counterfeit goods and impersonations.
4. Eliminate illicit sellers and stay ahead of the competition.
5. Protect your revenue and reputation.


Why trademark monitoring service?

With a growing number of customers shopping online and through a practically infinite number of channels, global trademark monitoring is essential so you can sustain and protect your brand.

It may seem that this is the case for large brands only, but the truth is that small and medium brands are often targeted by counterfeiters, and should act to guarantee the trademark abuse does not inhibit their growth.

The same is true for both B2C and B2B businesses.

Without taking preventative measures, brands may have no choice but to accept losses, buy back their own trademark, rebrand their product, or go into a legal battle to fight for what’s theirs.


Do I have Tools for Trademark Monitoring?

There are tools available that can help with trademark monitoring, such as Google Search, which can help you look for terminology like the name of your trademark and variations that can bring up similar marks used for similar goods.

Other tools are AdWords which looks at online advertisements, and Keyword Planner, which looks for terms or keywords and their traffic.

These tools help find keywords on the web, like trademark-related words.

Although they may be helpful, these tools are not designed for trademark monitoring.

They don’t constantly crawl the web using advanced searches and know-how, unlike the proprietary algorithms used by brand protection agencies.


What are Trademark Monitoring Services Options?

Generally, businesses who want to combat trademark infringement and protect their trademarks can choose a trademark monitoring software or turn to a lawyer.

A lawyer or law firm can help eliminate online infringements and advise your brand on the law.

They can take action like sending cease and desist letters or seek remedies in court, such as an injunction that the third-party stop using the trademark or an order for the destruction or forfeiture of the infringing goods.

Remember, courts may also accept the defendant’s position and sometimes even invalidate a trademark registration.

Even if successful, a court process is lengthy and costly, unlike online takedown notices that can achieve the removal of infringing products quickly and effectively.

In addition, lawyers may not have the advanced technology of trademark monitoring software to find counterfeit goods wherever they pop up online.

They may also not have the e-commerce expertise of a dedicated company that keeps up with the fast-paced changes in the digital landscape.


How Can Wiser Market Help Trademark Monitoring?

With Wiser Market, you don’t have to worry about dealing with manual processes, answering questions about intellectual property, uploading evidence, or getting in touch with multiple platforms.

We do the work for you so you always know your trademark reality and watch it improve.

We search and monitor globally to analyze and identify major brand infringements, and effectively enforce, eliminate, and deter.


The Wiser Market Method:

  • Search – Our innovative system continuously scans online channels for any mention of your brand, automatically detecting each and every relevant reference. Our system is always trademark watching and applying keyword and terminology searches on online marketplaces, websites, apps, and social media.


  • Analyze – Our algorithm filters online references to your IP, to identify infringements. Our team analyzes all listings and categorizes them.


  • Enforce – After we have our list of trademark infringements, it’s time to take them down. This includes eliminating infringing listings on online marketplaces, taking down fake accounts on social media, shutting lookalike websites, and using expertise to fight counterfeits, gray market goods, domain name abuse, and more. Our skilled team of experts implements professional, broad industry expertise to ensure each infringement is removed quickly and efficiently.


Wiser Market Online Brand Protection


The Wiser Solution

To grow your business and protect what’s yours, you need trademark monitoring.

Wiser Market is an online brand protection agency dedicated to helping brands detect and fight trademark infringements, counterfeits, and any other intellectual property violations.

Our brand protection solutions include advanced monitoring technology, team expertise and enforcement to help you combat brand infringement with quick, effective results.

With Wiser Market, your brand will have a global intellectual property protection solution tailored to your intellectual property protection needs.


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What is a Trademark?

According to the USPTO, a trademark is generally a word, phrase, symbol, or design, or a combination thereof, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.

What to Do After your Trademark is Registered?

Begin using the ® symbol instead of ™.

What is Trademark Infringement?

According to the USPTO, trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark on or in connection with goods and/or services in a manner that is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake about the source of the goods and/or services.

What is Trademark Dilution?
According to the USPTO, a trademark owner may claim trademark “dilution,” asserting that it owns a famous mark and the use of your mark diminishes the strength or value of the trademark owner’s mark by “blurring” the mark’s distinctiveness or “tarnishing” the mark’s image by connecting it to something distasteful or objectionable-even if there is no likelihood of confusion.

What is the Difference between Trademarks and Domain Names?

Trademarks identify the source of goods or services. They can be registered with trademark offices such as the USPTO to get protection. Once registered, the brand can display them as it chooses. For example, the NIKE name trademark can be placed on a shoe, packaging, ad, or website. Domain names are different. They are part of a web address that links to a website. For example, in the website http://nike.com, the domain name nike.com is registered in a domain name registrar, which does not grant trademark rights.