Online Protection for Semiconductors Brands

Semiconductors are found in countless electronic devices and products. Due to their essential role and proliferation, they have become attractive for counterfeiters. The fake semiconductor market is huge, and it is often impossible to guarantee their authenticity. And if semiconductors (also known as chips or semis) are the “brains” inside electronic systems, it means that uncontrolled electronic components control the system. A failure or underperformance of semiconductors in some products, such as airbag systems, can endanger the driver and passengers.

Sophisticated counterfeiters mislead buyers by replicating sub-standard chips to look like high-grade components, at least from the outside. The source of many of the counterfeit semiconductor components is electronic waste. They are salvaged, re-marked, and sold, often as new and genuine semiconductors. Gray market semiconductors are also a reason for concern as they do not carry the same warranty and reliability.

The rise of e-commerce saw independent distributors, online sellers, and online component exchanges that enable the purchase from unauthorized suppliers. And although those unauthorized online businesses may look well-established and professional, they can disguise their identity and avoid liability.

Despite efforts by original manufacturers and industry associations, the challenges remain. Consequently, original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or their authorized manufacturers have seen increasingly high failure rates and warranty claims.

Counterfeit Semiconductors: The Risk is Real

Counterfeit semiconductors poses real risk, causing damages from liability and reputation loss to injuries and even death.

The Wiser Market Solution

Wiser Market online brand protection agency helps OEMs to combat the sale of counterfeit semiconductors or the unauthorized sale of their legitimate products through unauthorized supply chains online.

We use our advanced monitoring system and proprietary algorithm to detect IP infringements and unauthorized sales activity. Detection is followed by analysis. Our team of brand protection analysts has years of experience protecting companies’ online intellectual property from brand abuse and gray marketing in both B2B and B2C industries.

We provide exceptional customer service and are proud to deliver unrivaled results at attractive costs. As a leading online brand protection agency, Wiser Market offers a 360° automatic solution to protect electronic systems, users, and your semiconductor company.


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What Customers Say About Us

Shmulik Hadad CFO

Following complaints from distributers who noticed counterfeit Afimilk products sold online, we engaged Wiser Market’s service to deal with this problem. Wiser Market detected counterfeits as well as trademark abusing products in marketplaces and socials media networks, and successfully removed them. Their overall removal rate exceeded 95%, which is impressive and cost-effective. Thanks to Wiser Market we managed to significantly reduce IP infringing activity and improve distributers’ satisfaction. We recommend using Wiser Market’s online brand protection services

Michele Michaeli VP of Marketing

Wiser Market is protecting our leading brands for home and professional use. As our products became more and more popular, we have faced many counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers, jeopardizing our brand name, reputation and sales growth.

Wiser Market does exceptional work protecting our brand globally, and especially in the Chinese market. They are successfully removing counterfeit products, as well as unauthorized sellers who are infringing our IP rights.