Online Protection for Chemicals Brands

The chemical industry is vast and global. Chemical products go into an incredible variety of products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal nutrition, construction, electronic components, consumables, and more.

B2B chemical products, such as polymers, fibers and elastomers, agrochemicals, paints and coatings, solvents, and numerous others, do not only make products better, but affect issues of safety, health, and functionality for end consumers.

The chemical industry is complex. Increasingly, it uses digital channels, such as chemical B2B marketplaces. With digitization come new challenges. As chemical manufacturers and buyers move online, chemical companies are increasingly affected by intellectual property infringements.

Online threats are numerous. They include illegal, illicit or counterfeit products that imitate legitimate brands or their trademarks, patent abuse, substandard products, the use of unauthorized chemical contents, and more by illegitimate manufacturers and sellers. Their activities can damage your revenue and reputation. And they have a competitive advantage since they do not incur R&D costs, do not comply with regulations, and have no quality standards and brand-building expenses.

Brands and their clients should not be affected by illegitimate players. On the contrary, online trade should simplify and streamline customer experience at every step of the transaction.

Stopping Counterfeit and Illegal Pesticides

Counterfeit chemicals, including pesticides, are extremely dangerous and may cause serious health issues and long-term damage to the environment.

The Wiser Market Solution

Wiser Market offers a quick and cost-effective strategy to protect your chemical company and secure your customers’ safety and trust.

We promote zero tolerance to counterfeits and illicit sellers by offering a service that combines innovative technology, advanced tools, actionable data, and expert analysis.


With our team of industry experts and our Wiser Monitoring System, we detect, analyze, and enforce actions against online sellers across online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

Our solution is flexible, scalable, and tailored to your brand’s needs. It’s time to optimize your online presence across all channels and protect your chemical brand online with an advanced solution that offers 360° protection.


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What Customers Say About Us

Mr. Nir Palistrant General Counsel

The Keter Group is a manufacturer and marketer of resin-based household and garden consumer products, with worldwide sales across various channels, and hundreds of IP assets (trademarks, designs, patents) registered in various countries.

Wiser Market has been very useful with protecting our IPRs online for both our indoor and outdoor brands. Their end-to-end service is efficient and cost-effective. They have been able to detect IP infringing products in various digital channels, as well as take them down swiftly. Their team is very responsive, providing us with the service that we need to keep our brand and IPRs safeguarded online.

Mr. Shmulik Hadad CFO

Following complaints from distributers who noticed counterfeit Afimilk products sold online, we engaged Wiser Market’s service to deal with this problem. Wiser Market detected counterfeits as well as trademark abusing products in marketplaces and socials media networks, and successfully removed them. Their overall removal rate exceeded 95%, which is impressive and cost-effective. Thanks to Wiser Market we managed to significantly reduce IP infringing activity and improve distributers’ satisfaction. We recommend using Wiser Market’s online brand protection services.