Online Protection for Automotive Parts Brands

Counterfeit automotive components can be dangerous for people on the road and alarming for manufacturers and brands in the automotive industry. Despite efforts to tackle this issue, the fake automotive trade is booming.

When you think of automotive parts, you may have car manufacturers in mind. But the reality is that numerous sellers offer automotive parts. More choices and accessibility may sound great, but they come with varying quality and fraudulent players. It is often virtually impossible for consumers to tell which products are fake and which are genuine products.

“Super fakes” are impossibly confusing, but the availability of online aftermarket auto parts also drives consumers into purchasing available, often cheaper, auto parts, rather than buying an OEM part.

Non-genuine auto parts include counterfeit parts designed to mislead consumers and associated with performance and safety issues. Other reasons for concern include gray market parts that enter the territory through unauthorized channels and may not fit the territory specifications and conditions, or may not have the car manufacturer warranty.

Salvaged parts are also an issue since they may prove unreliable, especially if not purchased from the original manufacturer. Independent manufacturers of aftermarket auto parts offer alternative parts, sometimes of subpar quality, posing a safety concern.

Almost any automotive part comes in each of the above categories. Tires, batteries, airbags, engine and drivetrain components like oil filters, brake pads, body parts, electrical components like lights, wheels, and windscreens. Any of these parts may underperform or result in part failure. The concern is especially grave in the case of auto parts, which are usually connected and interact with other vehicle parts and may cause system breakdowns.

Automotive parts - how to spot fakes?

Counterfeit auto parts can be hard to spot sometimes. There is only one sure way to ensure that you don't get ripped off.

The Wiser Market Solution

Wiser Market offers a quick and cost-effective method to protect your brand and help secure your customers’ safety and trust.

With a team of anti-counterfeiting experts and our Wiser Monitoring System, we detect, analyze, and enforce takedown actions against online sellers across online marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and social networks.

We provide full online coverage and superb end-to-end service, leading to over 90% success rate.

You make quality products, and we protect your brand so you can grow your business.


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What Customers Say About Us

Mr. Nir Palistrant General Counsel

The Keter Group is a manufacturer and marketer of resin-based household and garden consumer products, with worldwide sales across various channels, and hundreds of IP assets (trademarks, designs, patents) registered in various countries.

Wiser Market has been very useful with protecting our IPRs online for both our indoor and outdoor brands. Their end-to-end service is efficient and cost-effective. They have been able to detect IP infringing products in various digital channels, as well as take them down swiftly. Their team is very responsive, providing us with the service that we need to keep our brand and IPRs safeguarded online.

Ms. Moran Levy Shemesh Legal Counsel & Global IP Portfolio Manager

SodaStream (part of PepsiCo.) is a global leader specializing in home carbonation devices. As our successes grew, our brand became a target for counterfeiters and free-riders looking to make easy profits off of our hard-earned success.

We chose Wiser Market to protect our brand online, and they have been very helpful with enforcing our IP rights as well as taking down numerous IP infringing product listings from online marketplaces, websites, and social media. Thanks to Wiser Market we have reduced the number of online counterfeits and IP infringing products. Today, Wiser Market continues its online monitoring of IP infringements.