Online Investigations

Online Investigations Service
Just like detectives operating in the physical world, our clients may need us to investigate activities in the digital world, as well as the companies and individuals behind them. ​

Online digital investigation often complements and supports the removal of websites, marketplaces listings, social media posts,
and apps that infringe on your intellectual property rights.​

Using our digital knowledge, we conduct online investigations to collect information and evidence across online channels, including names, locations, physical information and more. The evidence may be used for online enforcement by our team, or it may be made available for law enforcement agencies and legal proceedings if necessary, both locally and in other jurisdictions around the world.

Wiser Market’s Online Investigations
Wiser Market has developed techniques and methods for cybercrime investigations, aimed at providing our clients with the information they need to eliminate and reduce brand exposure to fraud.

Yet our most important asset is our dedicated team of online experts that systematically map and track abusers, while staying in touch with our clients and offering personalized support and service. Our experts know where to look and how to access web sources to gather intelligence and evidence, and they always stay ahead of new strategies and technologies used to conduct online investigations.

Thanks to our team and technology, we are able to conduct investigations in multiple languages, covering key online channels and platforms.

Wiser Market’s online investigation service can be tailored on a case-by-case basis. We are proactive and results oriented, using online investigations to drive removal and take down actions of illegal content.


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