A successful online brand protection service such as ours, comprises of advance technology and proven methodology, fine-tuned to maximize results.

While there are many ins and outs involved in the ‘how to’ side of things, our superb end-to-end service can be broken down to the following stages:

Our advanced software monitors online channels 24/7, scanning marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, websites and domains, social media outlets, as well as mobile apps, and more. The system uses multiple languages in its scans (for various local sites), automatically detecting potential IP infringements.

Once detected, IP infringements are categorized and classified by priority, platform and type: counterfeits, trademark violation and logo infringements, copyright infringements, design infringements, patent infringements and domain cybersquatting. Our team of experts analyzes the final findings and shares the results with our client for approval before enforcement.

We are very sensitive and careful of our clients’ sales, operations and reputation. Our standard approach is to have our customers approve the targets we have identified before proceeding to taking them down. This ensures that we go after illegal sellers only. We are flexible and adjust our process to meet each customer’s needs, keeping client involvement to the desired minimum.

Once approved, we will enforce your IP rights by taking down infringing listings, posts, ads etc. Over the years, we have gained experience and expertise in implementing the most efficient ways and effective actions to enforce brand protection across multiple channels. We have also established unique relationships with key organizations, leading to unusually high take-down rates, enabling us to offer a solution that is quicker and cheaper than handling on your own, or through legal proceedings.


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