IP Protection

IP Protection: The Problem
In the digital age, intellectual property rights are more vulnerable than ever as the constant changes, complexity and global reach of
the digital world make them easier to abuse and harder to protect.

Online abuse is often organized and sophisticated, led by digital professionals set out to exploit brands and mislead consumers. They do so by using a variety of methods that constantly change and evolve, just like the online world.

Cybersquatting, for example, involves registering domain names matching those of the abused brand, with the intention of diverting traffic from the legitimate brand to the abuser’s site. Brandjacking is the act of assuming the online identity of a brand with the intention of acquiring this brand’s equity. Other methods include typosquatting, SEO manipulation, false association, search engine marketing abuse, traffic interception and more.



IP Protection: The Need for a Comprehensive Solution
Whether your intellectual property includes patents, trademarks, designs, logos, copyrights or URLs, it is essential to protect your rights. Failing to do so affects more than just your online sales, it also devaluates the hard-earned reputation of your brand and damages consumers’ trust in your products.

Online brand and intellectual property protection require expert skills and knowledge, and advanced technology.

IP Protection: The Wiser Solution
Wiser Market uses state-of-the-art technology to scan the internet and detect IP infringements on marketplaces, websites, social media and apps. Our monitoring system can scan and analyze vast amounts of data, across multiple channels, providing global cover. After detecting and identifying possible IP infringements worldwide, the results are further examined by our team of expert analysts; the final list of targets is sent for your approval before moving on to enforcing your rights.

Our superb end-to-end service, from detection through analyzing to enforcing takedown actions, results in over 90% success rate in taking down online IP infringements.

Wiser Market offers a cost-effective service for intellectual property protection from online offenders, and helps you regain control over your online sales and brand reputation.


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