Online Protection for Health & Beauty Brands

The personal care industry is booming, and it is expected to keep growing, especially online.​

Consumers spend more time searching online for information about their health and beauty routines, and take more of their shopping online.

Alongside the many advantages of selling health and beauty products online, there is the growing concern regarding counterfeit, expired or almost-expired products sold online, on websites designed to sell fake health & beauty goods or even on leading marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.​

Fake health and beauty products are a serious global issue that goes beyond intellectual property rights. In the health and beauty sector, counterfeits are potentially harmful as they have no oversight or regulation. A 2018 raid in Los Angeles uncovered counterfeited cosmetics that contained high levels of bacteria and animal waste, which could result in serious health concerns. People who have used counterfeit makeup have reported skin rashes, eye infections, allergic reactions, and even chemical burns.​

Fakes and expired products undermine consumers’ confidence in your brand’s safety and effectiveness. Moreover, they result in lost sales for brands that have spent many years and substantial amounts on product research and development.

The impact of fake makeup and beauty products

Fake beauty products sold online daily, but at what is the risk to consumers?
What do these products contain? A view in to the impact of fake products.

Fake health and beauty products pose real risk to consumers

Manufacturing of fake makeup and beauty products in unhygienic conditions

The Wiser Market Solution

Wiser Market’s solution is designed to combat online trademark counterfeiting and abuse on a large scale, while achieving an exceptionally high success rate.​

With our in-house team of anti-counterfeiting experts and our own unique and highly advanced monitoring system, we detect, analyze and enforce takedown actions against online sellers abusing your brand. We provide full online coverage and superb end-to-end service, leading to over 90% success rate.​

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What Customers Say About Us

Ms. Michele Michaeli Pollogen (by Lumenis) - VP Marketing

Wiser Market does exceptional work protecting our brand globally, and especially in the Chinese market. They are successfully removing counterfeit products, as well as unauthorized sellers who are infringing our IP rights… The Wiser Market team provides us with excellent, professional customer service. They are very responsive to our requests and changing needs…

Mr. Levi Goldman HairMax Corporate Counsel

Wiser Market has been highly effective in combating unauthorized listings worldwide. With Wiser Market we have greater visibility into our online channels, enabling us to identify the sources of unauthorized sellers and mitigate the risk. Their team’s work has been pivotal in helping us protect our global brand, further build consumer confidence and support our ‘partner’ network worldwide. Thank you Wiser Market!