Why Use Amazon Brand Registry?

If you are selling products on Amazon, there is a chance that you have encountered illicit or fraudulent activity aimed at abusing your brand for someone else’s benefit. Such activity may include:​ Sales of counterfeit goods Trademark abuse Design and patent abuse Copyright abuse If you have yet to encounter such activity, chances are you

Strategies to Combat Gray Market Sales

One of the biggest concerns brands have is Gray Marketing, a.k.a Parallel Importing. What often occurs in a gray market is that unauthorized sellers who have purchased genuine goods from authorized sellers in one territory, proceed to sell them in another territory.   Want to protect Your Brand ? Contact us for a Free Demo: Schedule

Brand Enforcement: How to Protect Your Brand

The Problem Online shopping has become extremely common nowadays. Almost all brands, big and small, have established their businesses online or are in the process of doing so. Unfortunately, successful as these online brands are, they often fall victim to fake online brands that counterfeit their products and sell them at lower prices. It is

Don’t Let Counterfeits Steal Your Profits

The world is witnessing a massive shift from brick and mortar to online. While the web offers new and exciting opportunities, it is also full of illegal and disruptive obstacles. Counterfeit products are no longer confined to specific geographical locations, and proliferate on the web allowing access for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Counterfeits pose a significant

Domain Brand Protection Services: Why They Are Important

Summary Crucial Online Presence: Businesses must establish strong online presence, facing increasing risks from unauthorized name and trademark use. Wiser Market’s Solutions: Wiser Market offers comprehensive domain brand protection services to combat threats and drive growth. Key Threats Explored: Cybersquatting, typosquatting, brand impersonation, trademark infringement, and counterfeiting pose risks to brand domains. Services Provided: Domain

How to Protect Your Product When It Is Made in China

Summary China IP Protection: Register, verify, and adapt contracts. Trademark Ownership: First-to-file system in China. Manufacturer Verification: Avoid trading companies, due diligence. Confidentiality Agreements: NNN for safeguarding information. Wiser Market Solution: Counterfeit protection with monitoring. When you manufacture a product in China, you need to protect your trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and all intellectual property

How to Protect Your Brand on Social Media

With the exponential growth of social media, protecting your intellectual property online has become both critical and challenging. Here we’ll explore why and how to protect your brand on social media platforms.  Social media is about providing individuals and businesses with ways to communicate, connect, and share. Instagram stories, tweets, and Facebook posts focus on