Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Brands
Your brand is a valuable asset. A great brand consists of many parts working together, down to your distributors and resellers.​

To stay on top of their products distribution and prices, brands have MAP agreements and distribution territories. To enforce them, you need data. However, monitoring and tracking require resources, and become even more complex in the online world.

Distribution Chain Monitoring
As part of your supply chain management, distribution chain monitoring and analysis gives valuable visibility across distribution chains.​

Continuous monitoring enables your brand to see how your distributers are operating and selling, and make you aware of incidents when a distributer abuses your brand’s MAP and territory policies.

Distribution Chain Monitoring

Sellers Monitoring
A strong brand attracts more sellers. These sellers may purchase your products through your supply chain, or they may be authorized offline sellers who also sell online, and they may also be selling counterfeits. This means they can ruin your brand’s pricing through MAP violations, or through unauthorized or parallel import sales.​

Monitoring online sellers enables you to clearly see others who are selling your products and find out where they do it, what is their sales volume and their pricing.​

Brand reputation and value suffer when MAP violations occur. Only when you have the information, can you take action to eliminate those sellers.

Wiser Business Intelligence
Wiser market will provide you with the information you need to take action.

After our team of experts gains an understanding of your brand’s needs, we offer a business intelligence solution tailored to your goals, useful for both real time enforcement action and future management.

Using our advanced algorithm and professional team, we monitor your distribution chain and sellers across hundreds of websites, including the big marketplaces, to enforce your brand’s pricing policies and territories. When a violation occurs, we can take action to remove the abuser and improve your bottom line.

We are your business intelligence consultant and partner, helping you regain control of your brand so you can grow your business.


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