Online Brand Protection on is huge. It is the largest retail company in China, both online and offline. It has started as a mainly retail company. Today, it has a complex organization with an in-house logistics business, advanced technology, and more.

What is this company all about?


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What is, which stands for Jing Dong (京东), is a B2C business. As’s corporate blog explains, JD offers quality products and good service delivered to your doorstep.’s e-commerce platform has over 441 million active customers.

The company’s e-commerce offers a hybrid model of direct sales, a marketplace, and JD Worldwide.

For Direct Sales, sources products directly from brands and suppliers and sells them to consumers on its domestic website, Unlike and, the direct sale model is similar to an online store.

The JD Marketplace allows vetted third-party sellers registered in the Mainland to sell products directly to consumers through the JD website and mobile channels. The sellers have the option to use the company’s fulfillment centers and other services.

JD Worldwide enables Chinese customers to shop products from other countries.


Why sell on

China’s E-commerce is highly advanced. In 2020 it reached almost 25% of total retail sales in China. Most of these consumers shop on marketplaces rather than on individual online stores, so marketplaces like JD’s are the place to be. Also, only Mainland China registered companies can own .cn domains.

Establishing your business on is a good starting point to establishing your company in the Chinese market.

Online Brand Protection on

What is JD Worldwide?

JD Worldwide is a cross-border e-commerce platform that offers Chinese consumers products from abroad. Similar to Tmall, it operates as an online mall, and allows non-Mainland-China brands to sell directly to the Chinese market.

Foreign businesses can sell on JD Worldwide even if they have no presence in China and do not hold stock there. International brands can ship products directly from their warehouse in the US, Europe, or Australia. Even payment is in US dollars. In addition, the company helps with logistics, to get products through customs and to consumers.

To start selling on the platform, you need to be an established non-Chinese company with a product and a track record. You also need to be a brand owner or have a licensing agreement with the brand. To get approved, provide the platform with the required documents and wait for approval. After approval, pay the platform fees to set up a store.


What is JoyBuy?

JoyBuy, operated by, offers Chinese products to consumers worldwide. This e-commerce platform works closely with suppliers in China to offer products outside the Mainland. JoyBuy reports it has close to 200 million users.’s anti-counterfeit effort

JD’s tagline remains: “Authentic products. Delivered today.” The company reports that in a 2020 survey of Chinese consumers, JD was rated as the most trustworthy e-commerce brand in China. prides itself on selling genuine products and has made it a selling point in a country plagued by fakes.

However, no system is immune.


Online Brand Protection on

Infringements on

JD’s online intellectual property rights (IPR) system allows companies to report and take down infringements. Here are the steps:

1) Register your IP in China targets China, and to protect your brand, you have to register your right(s) in the territory. Only after you register your intellectual property in China can you take down counterfeits from JD.

2) Create a JD account

To use the enforcement tool, you need to register a customer account on

To create a JD account, go to the Chinese site or – the international e-commerce site by Register for a customer account there by clicking on “Create Account” at log in.

3) Register your IP and supplement information

Once you have an account, you can proceed to register your company and intellectual property rights on the platform.

After this step is completed, you receive a confirmation email from JD. If there are still issues, the email will include further requests.

4) File an intellectual property complaint 

If you find that goods, services, or information infringes on your intellectual property rights, including patent, trademark, or copyright, go to There you can click on “file a complaint” to protect your rights.

In the complaint, you need to provide further information regarding the infringement and your rights. On JD, you need to attach images of the original product and the infringing one, as well as a document with a comparison between the two images to support your claim. notifies the seller about the complaint, and he has the opportunity to take down the infringing item or respond to the complaint. If he does, he needs to fill in the information and upload materials within 2 days. In such cases, you get a counter-notice. Even in this case, if you have IP rights, JD will take down the infringing listing.

In most cases, there is no response. If you provided all the required information, it usually takes 10 working days for to examine the complaint.

Wait for a confirmation email from with the outcome of the complaint. You can also log in to the IPR Protection System and check the status. Even if you have multiple complaints, you can follow them there and see the complaint number, details, and processing status.

Note that you can also choose to withdraw a complaint. For this, go to and click “withdraw”.


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WiserTip: Before entering the Chinese Market, register your trademark with the Chinese Trademark Office.


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