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Anti-Piracy Protection

Anti-Piracy Protection

Online piracy is a global issue that has been on the rise for years and remains a concern for brands.

Digital content protection refers to anti-piracy solutions that protect businesses against unauthorized usage and distribution of their digital content.


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The Wiser Market Anti-Piracy Platform helps copyright owners to protect their assets.

Wiser Market’s platform helps to detect copyright infringements and take action to remove them and safeguard digital content and its distribution.




The Online Piracy Problem

Movies, videos, songs, novels, photographs, artwork, and computer software are some of the original creations protected by copyright.

Piracy refers to copyright infringement or the use of copyright-protected works without permission. It infringes on exclusive rights that belong to the copyright owner, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

Online piracy usually involves downloading and distributing copyrighted content digitally without permission.

Data suggests that piracy has escalated since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But even without the devastating effects of the pandemic, the Global Innovation Policy Center of the US Chamber of Commerce estimated in 2019 that digital video piracy costs the US economy at least $29.2 billion in lost revenue each year and as much as $71.0 billion annually.

And this is just digital video!


Digital Content

Copyrighted content is a valuable asset, and its protection can be crucial to brands and businesses.

Movies, TV shows, and videos are probably the first types of content that come to mind.

But the problem is much broader. When digital pirates distribute or share illegal copies of your content, it can damage your marketing strategy, sales, and revenue.

In some cases, consumers may not be aware that the content is illegal. They see low-quality copies, and their poor experience affects more than your revenue – it damages your reputation.


Anti-Piracy Solution

The scope and scale of the piracy problem are staggering.

The Wiser Market Anti-Piracy Protection Platform applies efficient and scalable methods to create a comprehensive anti-piracy solution.

The platform applies a proprietary algorithm that monitors online channels 24/7 and detects copyright violations.

It uses machine learning and image recognition to tailor and improve the process for each client.

A team of experts monitors the technology and provides strategy and support to achieve the best results.


Anti-Piracy Protection


Where to detect digital piracy

The first step in the fight against online piracy is detecting infringements across multiple online channels.

The Wiser Market technology-based system does exactly that by continuously monitoring and detecting online piracy.

When we look at formats that facilitate digital piracy, it is a system that requires both storage and streaming services.

Infringers use cyberlockers and hosting services, and infringing content is made available on linking sites, apps, social media, forums, and other formats.

Here are some of the main ways to facilitate piracy of copyrighted content:


Search engines

Search engines offer links to copyrighted content which can be completely legal or illegal.

The Wiser Market Anti-Piracy Protection Platform can detect and delist violating links from search results.



The hosting services for data are often where copyright infringers go to store and share files illegally.

Cyberlockers offer secure storage for various types of media files that can be accessed through the internet, wherever you are in the world. The service allows users to upload files to the hosting server and get a specific URL link they can then share.

Cyberlockers can host legal or pirated content, but the fact that content can be uploaded anonymously makes it appealing to digital pirates.

Detecting and taking down copyright infringements in a cyberlocker is a challenge because infringers build the system with proxy services and often more than one link to each infringing file.

But by taking it down, you block the source and prevent distribution.


Hosting Services

Websites, streaming platforms and IPTV services are hosted by providers.

Hosting services include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and others. When illegal streaming sites use hosting services, right-holders face digital piracy.


Anti-Piracy Protection



Legal streaming options are more available than ever before, yet the problem of online piracy is still critical for audio recording, movie and TV shows, as well as for the sports and entertainment industries that rely on live events.

In fact, as legal streaming is growing, so is digital piracy. Current estimates place streaming at more than 80% of all piracy across the EU.

Whether live or not, streaming is a way to view copyrighted content without the need to download and store content.

When online piracy involves streaming, they push the live feed from a computer to the streaming platform and receive a live link (URL) that they can publish and enable consumers to access content illegally, sometimes without even creating an account with their information.

To better understand how simple it is to link content, just think YouTube.

It shows how legitimate creators and illegitimate copiers alike can distribute content to millions of people globally.

Although in the case of YouTube, the platform does have a Content ID and Live Content ID tools that help identify pirated content and takedown mechanisms in near real-time.


IPTV and streaming APPs

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system that delivers live or on-demand tv services using the internet protocol rather than formats such as satellite or cable television.

In other words, it is another service designed to offer access to audiovisual content. IPTV services create a threat of online piracy.

Some IPTV services are premium while others are free, and as with other forms of online piracy, IPTV services can be legal.

However, many IPTV services are illegal, with subscriptions that do not cost much and provide unauthorized copyrighted content.

Illegal IPTV services support other illegitimate businesses such as subscription resellers, distributors of unauthorized content, and hosting providers.

IPTV is not easy to deal with as the services are usually distributed across several countries and even involve organized crime.


Anti-Piracy Protection


Peer-to-peer file sharing enables consumers to download and share content with others on the same network, such as music, movies, and software that often infringe on the rights of copyright owners.

Torrent sites are a popular form of P2P file sharing.

When torrenting, multiple users connect and share their files from different servers. When the file is complete it can be downloaded and shared with numerous users.

In some territories (like Estonia, Hungary, Portugal and others in the EU) torrent sites still get more traffic than streaming sites.

Recently, the BitTorrent-based Ace Stream was flagged for streaming pirated sports content.

According to the Premier League, Acestream does not attempt to stop infringements. The League mentions other platforms, such as China-based ‘Just Fun’ (zhuafan.tech), which allegedly carries pirated live sports streams.



Apps can also have pirated content, or they may be counterfeit apps with the intention of imitating the original app.

Apps with pirated content can usually be detected and blocked to prevent consumers from downloading them.


Social Media

Social media is a major distribution channel for pirated content.

The piracy happens both on the social media channel platform and on sites that digital pirates open so they can redirect consumers from their social media account.


TV Operators

The Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA) has named TV operators among the main actors in the piracy of audiovisual content.

According to the AAPA, when rights holders market their content via local subsidiaries, there are those who broadcast protected channels and programs illegally.

Such illegal operators can steal content from legitimate local distributors, from satellites, or internet signals.


Wiser Market Online Brand Protection


Wiser Market Anti-Piracy Solution

Combat online piracy with our advanced anti-piracy service to quickly detect, analyze and remove unauthorized content.

The Wiser Market experts create an optimized custom strategy for each client before applying the company’s proprietary technology.

The Wiser Market Anti-Piracy Protection Platform scans digital channels and platforms in search of specific keywords and other search parameters.

The automated technology and machine learning work globally, 24/7. It tracks and blocks illegal content to protect your copyrights and safeguard your brand.

Up-to-date data is analyzed so we can understand patterns and prioritize. Our expert team provides support and insight and works with you to make strategic decisions.


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What anti-piracy protection does for your brand?

The right anti-piracy solution can benefit your brand in many ways:

  1. Increase sales – Infringing copies are like counterfeits. When you eliminate them, clients purchase the content from your authorized channels.
  1. Improve brand image – Illegal copies are usually of lower quality and hurt your brand. When marketing content is concerned, illegal copies may confuse consumers to believe they are buying from the original business, causing damage to your brand image through lower quality, poor customer experience and/or customer service. 
  1. Gain brand trust – When illegal and low-quality copies are easy to find, consumers lose trust in your brand.
  1. Focus on growing your brand – Let a team of experts and proprietary technology provide you with anti-piracy protection so you can grow your business.


What Does Anti-Piracy Protection Cover?

Anti-piracy services can help copyright owners to protect their content online on multiple online platforms and digital formats:

  1. Streaming

Technology can track streaming signals from online platforms, websites, and social media. Anti-piracy solutions block their transmission from online sites, social media channels, and other platforms.

  1. TV and Movies

Release your content and track it to detect and take down tv shows and films distributed online without your authorization.

  1. Publishing

Content that is copied and distributed illegally, such as magazines, newsletters, newspapers and books, can be detected and enforced across the globe.

  1. Apps and software

Websites, apps and software can infringe on copyrights and need protection.

  1. Audio content

Anything from podcasts to songs can be copied and distributed without authorization from the copyright holder. Audio content has copyright protection that can be enforced.

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The Wiser Market Anti-Piracy Protection Platform can help you combat digital piracy and protect your brand.