Fighting counterfeits is a constant battle
A successful brand that does not implement a smart anti-counterfeiting strategy makes it financially worthwhile to have its products counterfeited. The world’s online counterfeiting industry has become bigger than many legitimate industries, growing to over $1.1 Trillion USD in 2018. Counterfeit goods, produced and sold illegally, are so prevalent that they affect every industry: fashion, pharmaceuticals, sports, luxury goods, consumer goods, toys, electronics, inventions and more.

The sale of counterfeit goods is a significant challenge for both brands and consumers. This challenge has become more prominent in the digital world, as counterfeiters find additional ways and channels to sell their fake products online. Such lucrative trade, results in more sophisticated sellers using illicit methods, and taking advantage of the same tools and strategies as legitimate brands, making it more difficult to fight fakes.


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The effects of counterfeiting
Counterfeit goods take away from your revenue as your consumers end up buying from the counterfeit seller instead of you. Also, often counterfeiters divert traffic away from your site to theirs, typically through bogus listings and rogue websites. The rogue websites try to make consumers believe they are the legitimate websites, for example by displaying images stolen from the genuine brand.

Often counterfeit goods are sold in bulk to wholesalers on B2B marketplaces, and then resold on online consumer marketplaces, even the most well-known ones, creating an illegal yet effective supply channel. These counterfeited products are usually of inferior quality, and may even jeopardize consumer safety. Abused brands then have to deal with higher costs of warranty and service, and even legal liability risks. All this in addition to loss of trust and damaged reputation.

Wiser Market: anti-counterfeit agency
This situation makes it important for brands to have a proactive anti-counterfeiting strategy and the technology to support it online. By utilizing our smart anti-counterfeiting technology, we can find illicit sellers, combat existing fakes, eliminate them globally and protect your brand.

Our superb end-to-end service, from detection through analyzing to enforcing takedown actions, results in over 90% success rate in taking down counterfeits.

Wiser Market offers a quick and effective anti-counterfeiting service that makes it unprofitable for existing counterfeiters to continue abusing your brand, and for potential counterfeiters to go after it.


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