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Amazon Selling Tips

Amazon Selling Tips

The best Amazon businesses start with a great product at the right price. At the same time, Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace. This is why it’s always good to use tips for selling on Amazon to help increase your online sales. Here’s a collection of tips that work for our customers.


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Optimize your Amazon product listing

When users go on Amazon, they are looking to buy something. When they search, using general or specific product keywords, every seller’s objective is to come up at the top of relevant product searches.

And when they click on your product detail page, you want to leave a great first impression.

Optimizing your Amazon product detail page involves your product title, key features, description, search terms and high- quality images. You can read more about it here: How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing.

Make your prices competitive

Competitive pricing is critical on Amazon, and even more so if the items you are selling are not unique, forcing you to compete with other sellers. In this case, offering the products at a lower price is helpful to get your products to the top of the search results.

If you want to continually match the lowest prices, use Amazon’s Match Low Price. This feature enables you to choose variables to create competitive pricing that is right for your business strategy.

You can also offer discounts to gain buyers and build your brand.

Offer a great customer experience

Great customer service is always important, and it’s highly valued by Amazon. On the Amazon marketplace, this means responding to customer inquiries, dealing with disputes quickly and professionally, shipping quickly, making returns easy and offering refunds.

An effective way to do it is by using FBA.


Amazon Selling Tips


Choose Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

As a seller you can fulfill orders yourself, but it’s worth considering FBA. When you choose FBA, you send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse, and when you receive an order, Amazon ships it. Letting Amazon control inventory, shipping, and returns allows it to keep its high standards of customer service, while also making it easier for you to run your business.


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Win the Buy Box

All sellers make efforts to win the Buy Box, the box on the right side of the Amazon product page, where customers can add items for purchase directly to their cart. Those who win it usually make more sales as over 80% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box.

This is even more important on smartphones and tablets. The reason is that the mobile site features the Buy Box directly under the product image, and underneath it “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now”.

Winning the Buy Box is much harder when you compete for it with many other sellers. Amazon’s algorithm determines which eligible sellers’ products are shown in the Buy Box, based on different variables that we know are related to price and seller metrics (such as inventory availability, FBA, and customer reviews)

If you have a unique product or a special product bundle, you can create a listing instead of joining one, and win the Buy Box.

Get reviews

Having many reviews is key, especially positive ones. People trust reviews, so 4-5-star reviews make it easier for customers to trust your product and buy it.

Sadly, the fierce competition on Amazon has resulted in an issue of fake reviews. To combat this practice, Amazon has banned paid and incentivized reviews (the practice of exchanging free products for positive reviews), and has offered a “Verified Purchase” badge, verifying the customer bought the item through Amazon.

Still, some sellers offer paid and incentivized reviews through Facebook, usually with a PayPal reimbursement plus a “commission” for a 5-star review. These sellers’ strategy is taking a loss in the short-term and making profits once their products do well on Amazon’s rankings.

Engage and create a relationship

A good way to engage with customers is to send them a thank you note with their product, a follow-up email, or both. Creating a more personal relationship can encourage them to purchase again, and share their experience on Amazon by writing a review.

When building the email follow-up, make it friendly and easy. Be personal and creative to make their experience with your brand more special. For example, a few days after your product has been delivered, write an email to let them know you care about their satisfaction with your product, and that you are happy to answer questions and offer help.

Maintain inventory availability

Availability is critical on Amazon, as part of its superb customer service and its promise for 2-day free shipping for Prime members. It’s also important for winning the Buy Box.

This means you should manage your inventory and always deliver. A good way to do it is by using the Amazon Selling Coach. This is a tool within Seller Central that tracks how many days of inventory you have left, sends alerts and offers other recommendations for your products.

Follow Amazon’s rules

Amazon has clear and strict rules and policies.
Read them carefully, and follow them.


Monitor and Improve

Running a business on Amazon requires continuous monitoring and constant improvement.

For best results, Wiser Market offers customized solutions for marketplace research and optimization. We continuously monitor your listings, track authorized sellers to ensure they meet your sales policies, and detect any unauthorized sellers abusing your IP rights.

Our cutting-edge technology and expertise enable us to point out opportunities and devise results-driven strategies for an optimized online presence and increased sales.


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